“Incidentally I don’t just write about bodies, I have a body too” is an assertion of my body’s indisposability. The thorniest part about writing about the inherent value of all bodies is reading, writing and thinking are not the same things as touching, holding and knowing. Reading that we should dismantle inherited beauty standards and our understandings of labor or value is much easier than moving through our days differently. In this piece, I am a Black funkadelic diva of impartial past and perfect future, languidly dipping into the asymmetry of my body through synchronized swimming on land frictively reminiscent of Ziegfield’s Follies. Is the intersection of hope and fear bravery? This piece is brave, all the while it is laughing at people who are looking for bravery in my golden tree twisty curvy body.


Bio – Neve Be

Neve Be

Neve Be is a choreographer, writer, performance terrorist, accessible event engineer, witch doctor in training and an aspiring veterinarian. Neve is Black. Disabled. Queer. Femme. and Genderweird. They are of Sudanese, Scottish, and German-Italian descent, their most famous ancestor being the author of the Velveteen Rabbit. Neve produces and performs in porn as Lyric Seal. They received teacher training from Axis Dance Company and are a member of Sins Invalid. Neve’s work involves multicultural fairytales and explores how people measure things. They live and dance in Seattle. 

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