In Defense of Crip Art and Activism

Speaker: Eva Egermann
Friday, 10. November, 17:15 – 17:45

The images that we see around us every day limit our ability to think up things beyond it. Frederic Jameson calls it formations of the “politically unconscious”. Crip Art Practices intervene and expand these limitations. The Crip Magazine is one of the projects that I´ve been publishing and can be understood as such an intervention. It assembles cultural artifacts of a trans-historical crip (sub-)culture, visual activism and crip art resources. Its contributions deal with pain, resistance, crip time or open up a transformative perspective on dis/abled body issues and bodily relations. In the presentation, I will show several examples and argue for Activism and Visual Culture of Crip Subjects.


Bio – Eva Egermann

Eva Egermann is an artist based in Vienna. She has been working in diverse media and collaborations. She has been teaching at art academies in Vienna, Linz, Zurich or Lucerne, was research fellow at U.C. Berkeley (2014) and awarded with several prizes for projects in the framework of her practice based PhD “Crip Modes of Artistic Research”. Her works have been shown recently at Kunsthalle Vienna, Kunstpavillion Innsbruck, and she has been publishing Crip Magazine (2012, 2017).