Evaluation panel

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Speakers: Mondkalb – Rebecca Maskos, Matthias Vernaldi and Michael Zander
Sunday 12. November, 16:45 – 17:30

As co curators of Take Care, James Leadbitter and Jeremy Wade sent out an open call to the Berlin community for each of the three themes of the symposium. It was very important to them that each aspect of the program have an international and local perspective. As a part of the open call they searched for an evaluation panel that would guarantee accountability for the curatorial decisions thus making sure that the work of the symposium benefits the lives of disabled people in the community. Moonkalb came to the rescue and we are fortunate to have Rebecca Maskos, Michael Zander and Matthias Vernaldi represent the evaluation panel for “Take Care.” We are fortunate to be guided by three incredibly esteemed activists and organizers from the local disabled community in Berlin who participated in the symposium during the curatorial process and will have the last word as its evaluators.


About Mondkalb

A mooncalf is a calf with a quirk, one that has three legs or a bumpy butt. For farmers since centuries say: The moon is to blame for those curiosities! “Mooncalf“ is also the name of a free magazine, the “magazine for organized affliction“. It is about disability, ability, being different and normal. Always with a pinch of contention, a touch of sarcasm and a dash of desire. Mooncalf is currently on hold and almost asleep. It is a bit bored, since there hasn’t been a new issue in three years. Reasons enough for kissing it awake and bringing it to life at “Take Care“. Mooncalf, in the guise of the holy co-editing trinity Rebecca Maskos, Matthias Vernaldi and Michael Zander, provides some evaluation for the conference’s closing panel, asking questions, such as: What did it do for us? What does Personal Assistance have to do with art? Was the coffee drinkable? Do you feel better down below after Friday’s performance?