What does interdependence look like?

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Speaker: Loree Erikson
Sunday 12. November, 11:00 – 12:15

Drawing on nearly 20 years of organizing care collectives to meet my daily needs (i.e. getting into bed, going to the bathroom, getting into/out of fabulous outfits, taking care of my cat, sorting student papers, cooking together, organizing sparkly things) I will share some of the knowledge generated in countless moments of enacting care from a disability justice perspective. What does interdependence look like on a daily basis? How does embodying a framework of shared vulnerability, sites of shame as sites of resistance and radical access transform our understanding and lived materiality of bodies, and care? How do we show up for each other and take care of each other? What are the practical considerations to make a collective work for the long term? What are some limits of collective care?


Bio – Loree Erikson

Loree Erikson

Dr. Loree Erickson is a white, queer, femmegimp porn star academic and organizer.  Based in Toronto, she is the creator of want, an award-winning porn film and loves travelling to lecture, making queercrip porn, and facilitating workshops/lecturing on a variety of topics including collective care, disability justice/radical disability politics, and all things related to sex and disability. She is also a fan of sun, sparkly things and social justice.