The Sticky, Sanguineous, Politics of Intimacy or… Care Makes a Mess of Our Lines

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Speaker: Neve Be
Sunday 12. November, 14:15 – 15:30

My talk tracks my journey as an anarchist with arthrogryposis accessing state funded care. I have believed that my labor is valuable when it is emotional, done in exchange for the meeting of my difficult and ugly needs. I have set up a care system with close friends, set what I believed were firm boundaries and looked-for evidence of mutual aid in these arrangements, only to be told, “I didn’t know how hard it would be to be friends with someone in a wheelchair.” As people with disabilities, we often lose our right to control our movement and environments. To be a disabled anarchist is to have faith in the dependability of human beings. The money that my attendants are paid guarantees that they will show up, but not that they won’t mistake our proximity for intimacy. How does intimacy affect the value of labor?


Neve Be

Neve Be

Neve Be is a choreographer, writer, performance terrorist, accessible event engineer and planner, conceptual consultant, witch doctor in training and an aspiring supernatural veterinarian. Neve is Black. Disabled. Queer. Femme. and Genderweird. They are of Sudanese, Scottish, and German-Italian descent, their most famous ancestor being the author of the Velveteen Rabbit. Neve produces and performs in porn as Lyric Seal. Neve received teacher training from Axis Dance Company. Neve’s work involves multicultural fairytales and explores how people measure things. They live and dance in Seattle.

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