Using public art to bring out and promote the rights of disabled asylum seekers

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Speaker: Rebecca Yeo
Saturday 11. November, 10:30 – 11:45

I consider the experiences and entitlements of disabled asylum seekers, focussing on the work of Disability Murals, in which a group of disabled asylum seekers in the UK worked together to create a painted mural, physically claiming a space and promoting key messages. One of those involved in this work, Kamil Ahmad, was murdered in Bristol 2016. He was a disabled, refused asylum seeker. I argue the lack of protection he received was due to systemic failings. I explore the barriers faced, considering what needs to change in order for the rights of disabled asylum seekers to be addressed.


Bio – Rebecca Yeo

Rebecca Yeo

I have worked on international issues of disability and poverty since 1996.  In 2012, I began working with disabled asylum seekers, using art as a tool for research and social change. I then realised how little awareness there is of the existence, needs and experiences of disabled asylum seekers within the disability movement or within the refugee sector. More recently I worked with disabled asylum seekers in Germany. I am currently studying for a PhD looking at the experiences and entitlements of disabled people in the asylum and immigration sector in the UK.